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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The metal fabric project shown in the photo was installed by Bentel and Bentel Architects located in Locust Valley, New York. Bentel and Bentel Architects used Cambridge Architectural mesh as a moveable screen that serves as a security gate for this Sandwich Store called Wichcraft, situated on MGM Grand's Studio Walk. Since, the mesh is installed with a moveable track system, it can be pulled down and locked when the store closes. Bentel and Bentel Architects used Cambridge's metal fabric pattern and Reelease tension attachment hardware to come up with this fabulous project for this remarkable sandwich store.

We chose to highlight this project to show how metal textiles can be used to transform traditional security gates into eye-catching devices. This ensures visibility and attention even when Wichcraft is otherwise closed.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

IO AT Types of Mesh for Sun Protection

KPMB, an 80-personnel architectural firm in Toronto, Canada, utilizes IO's AT 15 type of mesh and installed an exterior shading to serve as sun protection in one part of the McGill University building as shown in the photo above. The metal fabrics are built in large panels situated slightly slanting from one another. IO's AT 15 type of mesh are designed to apply 50% open area to provide enough shade. What caught my attention to write about this photo is how it displays the mechanical balance and durability of the metal fabric used as large panels in this project.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cocoon - SwissLife Insurance

One of the most innovatively-designed workplaces is the Cocoon Swisslife Insurance in Zurich Switzerland designed by Camenzind Evolution. Using metal fabric from WS Tyler, the structure's use of the metal fabric accentuates the building as a whole. It is dashingly covered with stainless steel wire mesh which gives a see-through effect on the inside of the building especially when lighted from the inside as shown in the photo above. The wire mesh serves another function other than its aesthetic contribution to the whole structure. It serves as a curtain which rolls upwards. When rolled down it serves its special purpose in sun protection. No wonder this project has been nominated at the World Architecture Festival Awards 2008 under the Office Category.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

High Hat Lounge

We highlight this project using Banker Wire to show the modernity of today's metal fabric for partitions. Forget your pre-conceptions of a chain link fence. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin at High Hat Lounge, a balcony railing that uses woven wire product P-278 of Banker Wire under Custom Category or the Mid-Fill Weaves gives a sophisticated urban chic complement to this place. The balcony railing made with woven wire metal product gives the proper amount of transition that links the bar with the lounge space. Consider the use of metal fabric for projects that require movement and flow while maintaining unique spatial environments.